Guest post: Anthony Parker’s Poetic Prediction

Antony Parker is a teacher and poet from Manchester. He blogs at and can be found on twitter at @Anthillel. Here is his prediction, in verse, for the coming election.

This election looks increasing unclear,

The race so close,

Not far but near

Unfamiliar colours broaden the spectrum,

Broaden the debate,

From Sturgeon’s claim to

Come in friendship to ukip’s hysterical hate

From the Tories cries of ‘Chaos and fear’

To Labour’s vision of cautious hope,

Of a brighter future within reach, near.

So if I was a prophet or a mystic with a crystal ball,

It looks too close to call,

But what’s crystal clear,

Is that the people more than ever have the power to


Have the power to choose hope or Fear.

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The Condition of the Left in England

'A grotesque mixture of Enlightenment Liberalism, One-Nation Conservatism and Socialism.' Skeptic and linguaphile.

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