The premier most idiotic tweet of the day award goes to …

Greetings all. I’ve decided to start running a new feature which provisionally goes under the name of, ‘the most stupid hyperbolic absurd baseless tweet of the day award’. Needs a little refining but I feel it’s got legs. Today in the wake of the revelations about the tragic GermanWings crash and the, frankly appalling, stigmatising headlines around mental illness, certain ‘progressives’ decided to completely ignore the real issues here and try and make it a debate about race. Now there’s nothing wrong with pointing out that coverage would have been completely different had the co-pilot been black or Asian, but that wasn’t enough for such people. Oh no! They had to go the whole hog and label Andreas Lubitz a terrorist. Obviously it doesn’t matter that terrorism has to be an act to spread fear in order to further ideological aims, Mr Lubitz must become a pawn to make points about ‘Islamophobia’. There were plenty of misguided tweets from the perpetually outraged, but this one really takes the fucking biscuit:

Congratulations, Ryan Dalton. How observant and perceptive of you to realise that a white person has never been condemned by the media for these acts since 1945. It’s a good job we didn’t have reports of terrorism from the IRA and ETA to render the ‘no white people have been called terrorists’ charge untrue. And as for the murderer charge, thank goodness we didn’t have Harold Shipman, Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Fred West, Ted Bundy, Oscar Pistorious …………..


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